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The Miris story begins with a traditional mustard recipe handed down through four generations of Sri-Lankan women. A recipe which combines exotic blends of spices, fresh herbs, humble mustard seeds and the queen of spice, ‘Miris’ – meaning chilli in Sinhalese.

For each of our many products, I have included a ‘hand made’ recipe. These should embrace only the freshest of ingredients purchased from local produce markets wherever possible.

My mother and mentor, Maryse, is the brain and heart behind each recipe. Her expertise was acquired in a traditional family where celebrations of food and cooking were the focal point of any festivity.

Although my life has been different from hers, I wanted to preserve my heritage. For this, I convinced her that we should share these recipes of celebration with the world.

We invite you to share in our journey and experiences through our products – I guarantee you will come back for more… Sonali.